The Ultimate Valentines’ Day Wedding

Just another day for me, making my regular stop at the store to pick up those few items that I forgot to get yesterday (plus whatever else catches my eye on the shelf)….and I find myself asking (as I do every year)…why is it that on Jan 1st the Valentines’ Day stuff comes out? ….I know its only a week away now, but at that point (beginning of the New Year) There is still 6 weeks until February 14th and it is not like you have to shop for weeks to get the right gift!

I guess I should be used to it by now though, its’ not like they haven’t done the same thing with every Holiday for like- forever now. It’s just retail!

Well, I figure that since the Stores have already started throwing the Hearts and Cupids at us, why not go ahead and think about the Ultimate Valentines’ Day Wedding? – What would that consist of? I’ve personally never been one that is too excited about Holiday Weddings, but in all honesty, it kind of makes sense to have a Valentines’ Day wedding. After all, it is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year right?
….and if your spouse can’t remember that date for your anniversary well….I’ll just stop there! Lol jk Ok so let’s get brainstorming: What comes to mind when I think of a Valentines’ Day Wedding?
Typically, the color Red, Roses, Candy Hearts, & Chocolate….but I don’t like to be too typical. I’m going out of the box for this. After all, it is supposed to be the ‘Ultimate Valentines’ Day Wedding’ right? We will start with the colors: Silver& Pearl, with touches of fuscia, lapis, and sangria. val colors

Bridal Gown: Something Form fitting…maybe a Fit & Flare. With lots of sparkle…and maybe even some color. Val dress 2 Val Pink Gown Bridesmaids: Silver or Pearl T-length or Long Dresses (It is still Winter after all)





Flowers: Orchids (I LOVE orchids), tulips (?), Ivy, and some sparkle

val bouquet 2b95bd31b51d47ed06292f27bee2e7fd6




Cake: I think we are going to go small on the cake. Maybe just a Romantic 2-tier…But surrounded by lots of other goodies (& yes- Chocolate) since it is Valentines’ Day. …A chocolate fountain may be good for some, with marshmallows, fruits, graham crackers, & other treats to dip in; but keep in mind that the facility may or may not permit this. Def. have to have mini cheesecakes & chocolate covered strawberries 





Hey- Notify your guests ahead of time: No need to but Chocolates & Roses- They are going to be given  …Yup, a Rose for each guest placed nicely at their seat with their name. (ie: place cards) rose holer


Guest Book: In lieu of the traditional book, let’s go with a ‘Date Night’ Idea book


OR: Even more fun: A Chalkboard-painted Globe. ….Hopefully this can represent all of the many romantic places you will travel to in your adventures. (Guests could even make suggestions) globe


Favors: This one is a bit harder. Favors really need to reflect the couple (In my opinion)…But, for the sake of choosing something ‘cool’….how about heart-shaped cookie cutters?!


I think I’d personally stay away from Hearts in the décor…they’re kind of a ‘given’ and would be expected….Crystals are always good though  So there you have it. That is my version of the Ultimate Valentines’ Day Wedding! Good luck with yours & Enjoy your Valentines’ Day!