Spring 2015 Color Trends

It’s that time of year…..when everyone else seems to be thinking about their Holiday Menus and Christmas Gifts to buy- I’m instead filled with the wonder of  “What will be popular for the weddings next year???

Well, I’m done waiting!

I’ve gone ahead and done my research early to see what the trends appear they will be. My information may not match every other site you look at (Especially since everyone is different right now but with some similarities), but after going through numerous sites and comparing what I know of our 2015 weddings so far- I think I’ll be pretty close 🙂

So here it is-

My Prediction for the Most Popular Color Palettes of Spring 2015:

#1) Light Blue (Sky, Mist, Capri, Cornflower, Celestial…there are many names for it) w/ accents of Watermelon, Coral, and/or Light Lemon.

2015 Blue and Watermelon


2015 Blue2015 Lemoon and Sky

#2) Pistachio Green

2015 pistachio 2  2015 pistachio2015 Pistachio invite

#3) Sangria w/ Silver & Lavender

2015 sangria dress 2015 sangria lav

#4) Navy w/ Cream and Blush

2015 Navy Cream Blush 2015 navy 2 2015 navy blush flower 2015 navy cream

#5) Moss (w/ Sandalwood & Succulents)

2015 moss3 2015 Moss2 2015 Moss pillow 2015 Moss

Well, there you have it!
Just a few more months and we will see if I’m right or way off base!

Happy Holidays!
Thank you to the following sites for photos and information gathered in this blog

(In no particular order):
Anniescott123113.wordpress.com, weddingpaperdivas.com, lisaricephotography.com, keentobeeen.com, theperfectpalette.com, tulleandchantilly.com, pinterest.com, elegantweddinginites.com, theeverylastdetail.com, aweetspirit.blogpot.com, exclusivelyweddings.com, boldandposh.com, trend-kid.com.