Something Blue

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

This custom stems from an old English ritual in which Family members and the bride’s attendants gave old, new, borrowed, and blue items and a sixpence to the bride as tokens of love and good luck on her wedding day.

Though many aspects of Wedding “Traditions” have been slowly ‘fading away’ over the recent decade….This is one that still holds a prominent place in most weddings today.

Here are some ideas- Old & New to help you out with selecting the perfect symbols to fulfill this tradition for your special day:


Something Old: Said to represent the link with family


Photo Charm of Deceased Loved Ones

Re-purpose Antique Jewelry

Mothers/ Grandmothers Veil

Piece of Ancestor Dress sewn into yours


‘Antique’ Clutch

Classic Car for Transportation

Carry a Childhood treasure

Family Cake Toppers


Something New: To represent the union you will make with your partner & is for good luck

Wedding Dressperfume

Wedding Band

Custom Perfume


Write a song

Own Vows


Buy a new house?: Add a copy of the key to your bouquet accessories

Lucky Penny minted in year of wedding


Something Borrowed: By lending you something, he/she is said to be giving you some of his/her own marital happiness.prayer book


Cake Knife/Server

First Dance Song: Use Parents/ Grandparents’

Prayer Book for Ceremony reading

Flowers from Family/Friend Garden


Something Blue: (My Favorite) Blue is the symbol of faithfulness, purity and loyalty.images4I34DG14


Temporary Tattoo

Hair Pin

Shoes/ Message in/on Shoes  “I do”berries-blue-wedding-flowers-l

Blue Hair! (Colored Hair is very popular right now)

Blue Garter

Blue Crinoline under dress/ underskirt/ petticoat

Blue Rose, or Broach in Bouquettattoo

Blueberries in décor

Blue nailpolish/ eyeshadow/ contacts/ Body Glitter

Sapphire, tanzanite, opals, or aqua marine jewelry

Unity Ceremony: Blue Sand, Candles, or Rope to ‘Tie the Knot’


…and don’t forget the sixpence in your shoe! sixpence

It is said to bring the couple  FORTUNE!






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