2014 wedding Trends: Wedding Cake Alternative

In my time as a Wedding Coordinator, I have seen numerous beautiful Wedding Cakes. Some have been simple and sweet, others enormous and highly detailed.

But in the recent months I have been seeing more and more ideas that are completely ‘out of the box.’

Don’t get me wrong- I’m loving this new ‘fad’ of the Non-traditional Wedding Cake and I am jumping on board to show you some ideas that you may not have originally considered.

Of course, every couple wants to customize their cake to suit their likes, colors, and theme-and you absolutely can (and should); But here are some image examples that I have found and wanted to share with you to help inspire your creativity to get you started:

Boho Naked Brownie Cake

Boho Naked Brownie Cake

Brownie Tower

Brownie Tower

cake pops

Cake Pops



Crepe Cake

Crepe Cake


Cupcake Tower (Not as ‘New’, but still different from a Traditional Cake)

donuts and cake pops

Did someone say Donuts? (Left image is an alternate Cake Pop Display)

ice cream

Who doesn’t like Icecream?!!!!

naked cake

The Naked Cake



rice krispie cake

Rice Krispie Cake






(All images were sourced from Google Image Search for Wedding Cake Alternatives)



I’m interested to see how many of you step away from Tradition with this new Wedding Cake Alternative Trend!