2014 Top Wedding Trends: The Great Gatsby/ Roaring ‘20s Theme

Currently, icons of pop culture (and all of us “normal folk”) are becoming completely obsessed with the ‘20s.
And why wouldn’t we be? – It seems like the past decade has been full of violence, heated debates, and an economic recession…Sometimes it’s nice to dream about prosperity and economic growth; a time of fun and happiness- That’s just what the 1920s was all about…The American Dream!

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate one of life’s greatest moments than with a theme centered on a hit novel that magnificently epitomizes life in the 1920s: The Great Gatsby: written by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Movie screenplay by: Baz Luhrmann)
The Great Gatsby Wedding Theme


Between the years of 1920 to 1929, the Nation’s wealth more than Doubled; sweeping Americans into a “Consumer Society.” People had extra Money to spend which enhanced the quality of life.
This particular era of fortune has been named The Roaring Twenties; a term well suited to characterize the decade’s distinct cultural edge in major cities during a period of sustained fiscal wealth.

I realize that there are lots of websites out there with great ideas on how to incorporate this theme into your wedding….But I want to take it one step further- Not just some décor here and there, but what if you could create an atmosphere in which everyone truly felt as though they had been taken back in time?!!

Some of the basics include: All things that glitter, Gold Dipped Glasses, Rimmed Plates, Feathers & Pearls, and Stationary with a mix of Bold and Romantic Typefaces(Don’t forget those Escort Cards!)

Then comes some of the creativity in planning:
The Attire…
The Bride’s Gown: Should be very feminine. A slim-fitting silhouette, with exquisite detail.
Bridesmaids: An obvious choice might include a flapper-style dress (Can be Short & Sassy or Long and elegant)
*All complete with adorned accessories; whether it be a jeweled headband, cloche hat or veil, pearl bracelets, or even a mix of it all.
Of course, we can’t forget the hair either. Popular styles in the ‘20s included the Short Bob, Fringe Waves (Short or Long), and the Chignon.
20s Style Wedding Dress
1920 era-appropriate dresses are mirrored in recent collections of Reem Acra, Jenny Packham, and Maggie Soterro.
Many would assume the girls appearance can complete the “look” for the theme- But let’s not forget about the guys….
After all, the boys need killer threads too!
Excellent examples can be found at blacklapel.com where they have broken down 4 distinct styles directly from The Great Gatsby movie itself.
Here, you can customize the suits to fit your personal style and select just how “swanky” your guys should be (ie: If you prefer the formal tuxedo/bow tie or a more laid-back approach).

Groom and Groomsmen Wedding Attire

Excellent examples can be found at blacklapel.com where they have broken down 4 distinct styles directly from The Great Gatsby movie itself.
Here, you can customize the suits to fit your personal style and select just how “swanky” your guys should be (ie: If you prefer the formal tuxedo/bow tie or a more laid-back approach).

But why even stop here?
Another major trend in 2014 is Guest Attire.
Don’t leave it up to your guests to guess what clothing is appropriate.
If you truly want to pull this theme off, then they should take part in the role too! (Plus, who doesn’t like a chance to play dress-up?)
If you don’t feel right about requiring a particular dress code because you are afraid to “trouble” your guests; you could always provide a broader dress code (ie: Formal), but also include a suggestion/request that they select clothing to compliment your theme.


The Ride
I mentioned earlier that the 1920s was a time of a “Consumer Society.”
The most important product of that time was the automobile; a notable possession of Mr. Gatsby. If desired, a similar car could be integrated in a few ways.
Whether it be for the Bride’s Grand Entrance, an astonishing exit, or simply as a prop for photography.
See Elite Limousine Services for Local Options.

Classic Cars for Wedding

In 1924, the Ford Model T could be purchased for a mere $260.00!

Now, to really finish it off and bring your special day Over the Top!….

The Music!
Come on, you can’t exactly have a Roaring ‘20s/ The Great Gatsby-Themed event with all of the music purely chosen from today’s top hits.
Don’t get me wrong, you can still have all the music you like, just be flexible and make some room to include the genre/hits of that time as well. (Jazz it up!)
You can incorporate this idea in a few different ways:
-Timeless Love Songs: you can select the more recognizable re-recordings by artists such as Nat King Cole, Willie Nelson, Frank Sinatra, and Ella Fitzgerald.

-Or take it up a notch- One of my favorite ideas stems from the man that revolutionized the jazz world: Louis Armstrong.

Popular Music of the Roaring 20s

Louis Armstrong started the “extended solo” and soon musicians all over began to imitate his style. His trumpet-playing became some of the most recognizable and loved; even today.

So here’s the pitch: Hire live music. (Of course the all-out version would be to find a 1-3 piece group that can play from before the ceremony as guests arrive throughout cocktail hour; and then a Big Band to “amp-up” the evening at the reception; but that may get a bit too pricey).
There are excellent alternatives and you can modify this to suit your personal taste and budget.

Some fine local artists to “suit the standard” include: Hot Point Trio, Gypsy Swingers, and Orange Krush.

In conclusion, my tips and suggestions are provided purely to help you think “outside the box” and pay a little closer attention to the extraordinary details that imitate the polished elegance of this year’s top wedding theme….A theme that will truly never go out of style as we all hold that American Dream in our hearts.

Please keep in mind- that though I have listed many concepts above, I am still a firm believer that what it takes for your day to be perfect is for you and your spouse to simply embrace the day and make memories.
Know that you are surrounded by your loved ones who support you and have many hopes and dreams for your future……All of these extras, though quite exciting and fun- are purely for entertainment.

Enjoy Planning!
Written By D. Beckstead

Informational Sources: Wikipedia.com, history.com, pbs.org, musiced.about.com, theknot.com, printed.com, mavenbride.com, pinterest, brides.com, and blacklapel.com. Thank you!