What’s Everyone Saying About Sleepy Hollow?

Read some of our wonderful testimonials from past couples and guests:

Our wedding was fabulous.  It’s been 8 whole months and we still haven’t come up with a thing that could have been any more perfect about our day.  You guys took all the pressure and stress off of us and made it the most memorable experience.  We were truly able to focus on our wedding, our guests and all the fun.  The food was excellent, DJ was so much better than I have seen at other weddings, the staff was friendly and took care of things I had never even thought about to make this so special.  We will never forget the experience we had, and will never forget the appreciation we have for you guys for making it wonderful!!
Leslie & Randall Tighe

Dear Sleepy Hollow,
Thank you so much for allowing us to use your beautiful Inn to celebrate the start of our new life together! We could not have asked for a more beautiful setting, stress-free planning, or supportive staff. We will cherish the memory of our wedding day for the rest of our lives and we know Sleepy Hollow is a huge reason we can look back with such happiness. Our wedding was amazing, your hard work made planning fun and the pictures are wonderful. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. McHale

Dear Danrae,
Our wedding was perfect! When Brian and I got engaged, we did not have the first idea about planning a wedding. So we started out with a list of the things most important to us. On our priority list, we had 1. great photos…I am crazy about my photo collection, and knew that great photos would be a top priority 2. family…being able to enjoy our family & spend time together (not just a couple of whirlwind hours) 3. beautiful setting…we wanted a place that was scenic & relaxing; a low stress wedding was really important to both of us 4. affordable…we paid for the wedding ourselves, and couldn’t afford an overly lavish event, but still wanted to host a great party for our family & friends.

We originally found you on the internet, about a year before our wedding. Because things aren’t always as they appear online, we immediately made the trip to Asheville. We were so excited to see that Sleepy Hollow is just as charming & full of character as it appears on your website. The grounds and house are all very well maintained and beautifully decorated. The weekend of our wedding could not have been more relaxing. I heard so many stories from other people about stressful weddings, but ours was a delight…Thanks to all of your hard work & planning. You had an overall schedule in mind, but you were accommodating & flexible to our special requests. Our families were able to stay in the main house, relax & visit with one another. The rehearsal dinner was booked from your recommendation, and could not have been more delicious. The groom’s cake was outstanding (and inexpensive!) The reception meal was outstanding. Every detail was attended to, and the entire weekend transitioned smoothly!!

If there were any pre-wedding problems, I did not know about them. I was able to get ready for the wedding in a spacious, comfortable setting in the carriage house, with all my girls with me. The boys were able to hang out & get ready together in the main house. It was relaxing and fun for all of us. The entire wedding was seamless, and everything fell into place.

Since we were from out of town, and I was nervous about all of the plans coming together, I probably drove you crazy with emails over the course of the ‘planning’ year before the wedding. You were always quick to respond with helpful information, and patiently put my mind at ease. The wedding packages you have created are well thought out, and the vendors that you suggest all work together perfectly! I could not have chosen better people…In fact, the only minor issues we had were with the florist, and that is my fault for choosing one outside of your recommended list. Everyone was friendly, down to earth, & accommodating. It is evident that you have the wedding experience down to a science!!

The pictures were fantastic!! If a regular picture is worth a thousand words, yours are worth a million. I love the different angles, and photojournalistic style. And there were tons of photos, which is exactly what I wanted! Please feel free to use any of them – we are proud of how nicely they turned out. The cost for our wedding package was reasonable, our families were able to relax & enjoy our wedding for the entire weekend, and we were all in a beautiful setting. A+ to you in meeting all of our criteria, and for all of your hard work and planning to make our wedding perfect!

All Our Best,
Ashlee & Brian Phillips

Dear Danielle and Danrae,
We can not begin to say enough how perfect you guys made our special day. From the first day we met with you we knew we wouldn’t have to worry. You were helpful, knowledgable, and made my life so much easier during a stressful time. The venue was beautiful, the accommodations allowed us to make it not only a special day, but a wonderful experience with our loved ones. You managed all the small details throughout but even more so on the wedding day, which allowed us to focus on the experience. We would recommend you to anyone! Thank you from the bottom of our heart for an experience that was so perfect we will never forget. Best wishes for you and your family.

Hi Danrae !! The pictures are BEAUTIFUL !!! Thank you so much ! And the best part is that Scott’s deployment got pushed back to October 4th (this Tuesday), so he got to see them before he left! I can’t believe how quickly you got them out !! I wasn’t expecting them for several weeks. It was so much fun to look at them because I honestly don’t remember many of the shots being taken ! You are very good at not being obvious with your picture-taking.

We can’t thank you enough for everything that you did to make our wedding weekend such a wonderful experience! We had a great time and everything looked beautiful. The decorations were lovely, the cake was gorgeous, the food was fantastic and all of the people on the staff (Robin, caterers) were just such a delight. My Dad went home to the New Orleans area and talked about how wonderful everything was to a co-worker. His co-worker’s son is planning a wedding at the end of October and the family is debating over where to have it and who can attend. It turns out that the groom’s grandmother lives 30 miles outside of Asheville. When my Dad told him how great you guys were, they said it sounded like the perfect place for them to have their wedding, so they are supposed to be giving you a call in the next few days.

Thank you also for sending out copies of the CD to family members. I was getting ready to make some copies when Scott’s mom told me that she already received one and has printed out all of the pictures.

Thanks again for everything !


Scott and Nahir Clinton

We were very pleased with how the wedding turned out. All of our guests remarked on how nice things were, and you met or exceeded all of our expectations. We appreciate all of your assistance. We were very glad that we chose Sleepy Hollow for our wedding. Hopefully, we will make it back sometime in the future.

Thanks again,

Tim and Lisa Thompson