What to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Knowing what to ask and what to expect will ensure your big day is a big success.


1. Do you have a facility director? If so, will she be there on my wedding day?
A facility director is like the person behind the curtain at the reception. Because she often works for the facility, she is your go-to person should anything go awry while you’re enjoying your celebration. We happily include our onsite Wedding/Event Director in many of our packages; you’ll discover a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders knowing our Director has the knowledge, expertise and experience to carry out your event from beginning to end.

2. Are there any hidden fees or service charges that I don’t know about?
No. We pride ourselves on being up front about all costs prior to signing an event contract. Sleepy Hollow also does not charge any service, cake cutting, or corking fees. If you have any questions at all concerning fees or costs, simply ask, as we will gladly clarify for you. We want to be sure each couple understands billing 100%!

3. Must I use vendors of your choosing?
We highly recommend that you use our preferred vendors as they are most knowledgeable of the property, rules, regulations, etc at our facility. Also, we have spent a lot of time “weeding through” the abundance of vendors in our area to find those of the utmost quality in all areas. Our vendors are both professional and personable while giving you the best “Bang for your Buck!” However, in the event that you would like to provide your own vendor(s): We will consider outside vendors on an individual basis.

4. Are there any consequences for not fulfilling the food and beverage minimum?
We do not have a food and beverage minimum. You are free to create a menu of your own  desires and budget.

5. Do you allow open flames?
We gladly welcome pillar and tea light candles to decorate for your ceremony and/or reception. We do require they be in or on some form of glass in order to prevent burns, fires, and wax drippings on linens. Taper candles will only be allowed in certain circumstances (ie: For Unity Ceremonies). Speak with your Sleepy Hollow representative for more details on requirements. Note: Candles will remain lit until the conclusion of the celebration unless a staff member deems them a hazard. Due to the higher risk of small candles that have been burning for hours, tea lights may be blown out prior to others.

6. What do I need to know about parking?

Although we do have sufficient parking to accommodate a large number of cars, we do recommend carpooling as much as possible. Parking Attendants are included with the weekend packages and can be added to all others.

7. I’m planning on an outside ceremony. What’s the backup plan in case of inclement weather?
Depending on your group size, we have two indoor locations for ceremonies. Groups of under 40 people can be accommodated inside the Dining Hall of the Main Inn. Groups of 20-140 can be set up inside the Event Center.

8. What’s the corkage fee if I bring my own wine?
None. We encourage you to provide your own beverages in order to cut costs and maintain your budget. We do not feel it is fair to charge for opening your wine.

9. How early can I get into the site to set up?
This will be based on each individual contract. You will have access at least 2 hours in advance, however often times earlier arrival for decorating can be accommodated. (Especially if you have Rental of the Inn for a Weekend package).

10. Are there any additional costs-cleaning fees, insurance-fee waivers, etc.?
You will find that each contract does have two automatic fees that are not included in the package price, (but are clearly stated at the bottom). The first is a 3.5% Gratuity for staff. The percentage is based on your total dollar amount paid in. This is a minimal gratuity and additional tips are greatly appreciated. The second is a Damage Deposit. As long as all terms of the Damage Deposit Policy are met, you will get a 100% refund on this amount.

11. How many weddings will be booked on my day?
Most days we will only host one wedding. However, at most (based on availability from package chosen) there may be two events held on the same day. No two events will take place at the same time or be on site within the same rental time frame.

12. How many people can the Inn sleep?
Our Onsite Lodging consists of the Main Inn (which can sleep up to 22 persons) and our Separate Honeymoon Carriage House (which can sleep up to 4 additional persons) for a combined total of 26.